Frequently asked questions

Are the stocklists and valuations in the portal in real time?

Yes, the prices and valuations are ticking over in real time, allowing 20 mins or so to keep updating.

Can I just pay for the one exchange for the only country I invest in instead of all?

Yes of course, you can have a membership specifically for one or a selection of just the countries that you want stocklists & valuations for.

What does Valstox mean or stand for?

Valstox is an abbreviation for "Value Stock Extraction"

The latest Q2 earnings announcements not shown?

Valstox conducts a conservative discounted cashflow valuation assessing sustainable annual earnings over a 5 year period. It is irresponsible to do quarterly earnings, responding to short term influences in the market. Also this would be detrimental to long term projections for season busiensses. All earnings are annual over a 5 year period.

Looking through the valuation, some stocks don’t have a valuation and are showing zero’s, why don’t they show a valuation?

As we conduct the valuation process stocks can be halted for numerous reasons such as: - Negative earnings over a 5 year average. - Negative earnings growth over 5 year period. - Newer listings are missing earnings & price history over 5 years. - No forecast earnings due to loss making business.

Is the valuation a definitive figure?

Not quite, the discounted cashflow valuation is one of many maket valuation models, yet proven to be the most successful in terms on value investing over the long term. The valuation offers a ball park figure or a range of values that the stock price should be falling in based on it's true cash earnings and intrinsic value. This is entirely quantitative analysis, and it's improtant to remember that there are many qualitative aspects that can affect a stock price.

Is every heavily undervalued stock a good investment?

There is no right or wrong answer other than "we hope so". The idea is to buy companies at bargain prices however, there might be a clear reason that the stock is trading below it's intrinsic value. That is an important note to take into account and try to work out.

I’m ready to sign up to specific membership, where do I go?

Great, we'll be glad to welcome you on board, membership offerings are available to view at

I look for dividend yield %, why is this not displayed in Valstox?

Yes, the dividend yield is important when income is a high priority for you when selecting stocks. We have not showcased this figure because it is not included or a component of the discounted cashflow valuation so to avoid confusion we deliberatly left it out. Dividend yield percentage can be easily found on Google Finance once you have selected discounted stocks on Valstox's stocklists to research.