Valstox's sophisticated algorithms have a tailored design to conduct complex big data mining operations which are integral to the commencement of our valuation process. Our sophisticated computer science will mine & extract, assign & align, the vital financial data for each of the thousands of listed equities on each stock exchange with supreme accuracy and efficiency. This vital bulk of financial data are the key raw materials required to begin our vigorous valuation process.

Algorithmic Innovation

Valstox conducts quantitative analysis, using conservative assumptions in a valuation process that is intensely thorough, scrutinising. It is consistent for each listed equity on each exchange.


Pioneered by Benjamin Graham & popularised by Warren Buffet, Valstox conducts a discounted cashflow valuation. Each stock is treated with exactly the same long equation methods to provide a pure and accurate reflection of the most undervalued (and most overvalued) equities on the market of each particular exchange.


Equity Valuation


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Long Term Income & Growth Stability


Buffet Method Valuations

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Guidance & Education

Value Stock Extraction


Valstox is committed to making value investing available to all investors, large and small. Valstox offers information on why and how value investing improves their financial welfare and the financial data and equity valuations they need to make informed decisions to significantly propel them forward.

As the investing world continues to rotate from growth to value in search of financial stability in an increasingly uncertain world, value investing is soaring back to popularity. Value investing is the concept of buying shares in productive, established companies that are currently trading below their true intrinsic value and hold for a long time to collect dividends and obtain capital growth when valuations reach their correct, higher market price.


Value Stock Lists

"Live reports displaying every undervalued company on the stock market & the extent to how undervalued it is with the full DCF valuation process"

*Stocklist shown is old data from January 2021 product

Valstox offers its customers exclusive access to full discounted cashflow valuations of entire stock exchanges and stock lists of their most undervalued equities. It is a perfect direction for thousands of investors towards solid, undervalued equities for long term investments. Value Investing will lead to stable, long to mid term investment opportunities for income and capital growth for you as the investor, whilst encouraging an increase in sensible investment behaviour and wider efficiency across the stock market, and economic productivity in general. - There's no "clipping peaks" and "riding inflationary bubbles" here.

​"Valstox conducts full stock market exchange valuations & lists a report of every undervalued company on the stock market and the extent to how undervalued it is"

We conduct our thorough research by running complex big data mining algorithms, offering a methodological & systematic approach to harnessing big data. After we've acquired the financial data of every company on a particular stock exchange, we undertake our quantitative equity analysis of thousands of listed companies. Our analysis and valuation is compiled in a comprehensive spreadsheet, neatly presented and easy to understand, to save you time and money when requiring direction for your long term investments in your portfolio.


Your Own Personal Quant

"Full discounted cashflow valuations across the stock market"

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